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SCOPE OF LEAD INSPECTION:   As per Maryland Law, a rental unit must meet    FULL RISK REDUCTION standards at each change of occupancy in a unit.   Your property must pass an inspection for lead contaminated dust, performed by an MDE accredited inspection contractor, prior to every change in occupancy. In order to pass the inspection, the property must be free of defective paint on the interior and exterior of the property.

Trip Fee:  In the event your property has defective paint and the inspector determines it is unfit for testing then a trip fee of $50 will be sent to the client for our inspection services.   Failure to pay a trip fee may result in a mechanical lien against the property .  A new inspection can be scheduled once defective paint issues are repaired and photos sent to the inspector as proof that the property is ready to be inspected again.

Each dust sample will be analyzed by a qualified laboratory, and the results must fall below specified levels. In general, testing for lead contaminated dust is most likely to be successful in a clean, well maintained property. Flaking or chalking lead paint on windows, in particular, may be an important source of lead dust in a unit.

The Lead Inspection Certificate is not a guarantee or warranty that your property is “lead free”.  It does mean that on the day and time of your inspection, sample analysis showed lead dust levels below the threshold standard set by the Maryland Dept. of the Environment at the time of testing. Landlords should always remain vigilant of any paint issues and seek the advice of lead abatement contractors when doing any renovations or repairs.  There may be other un-tested areas that may pose a lead hazard to tenants.   The Passing Certificate does allow you to proceed with the rental license process.

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